"Didn't you say you were going to create a course this year?"

You've been planning to create a course for your business, but you still haven't done it yet.

What would be different in 2021 if you had...

  • A proven framework for putting your course together.
  • A course creation and adult education expert to guide you and advise you.
  • A supportive community of like-minded individuals to cheer you on.
  • A coach who cares about your success enough to hold you accountable to get your course DONE.

Okay, Tracey, you've piqued my interest, but what do I actually get?

That's such a great question!  I knew you were a smartie!  

While there are multiple ways to work with me and get your course from Concept to Completion™, my favorite way to work with course creators is to get dirty with them.  So I developed my Program Bootcamp.

This bootcamp is what happens when a group coaching program takes steroids.   Inside,you get unprecedented access to me, my expertise, content review, tech support, and just about everyting I have created to date.  And here's just the tip of the iceberg of what we will conquer together:

  • Getting clear on your ideal client and making sure they want to buy what you're selling.
  • Overcoming the imposter syndrome around creating training for others.
  • Understanding your competition and how their existence woks for you, not against you.
  • Understanding goals and objectives so you can deliver only exactly what your audience craves - no fluff!
  • Knowing how to keep your students engaged so they will finish your program and actually learn.
  • Learning how to put your course together: the audio, video, transcripts, all of it!
  • Figuring out if it is a actually a course or some other type of program that would best serve your audience.
  • Understanding how to know if your learners' expectations were met and what to do with that knowledge.
  • Discovering what you need to know about marketing to successfully promote your course/program.
  • Getting clarity on how to upsell, downsell and integrate this program into your existing business to explode your reach and revenue.
  • How to use instructional design and education principles to make sure your training delivers.

The end result being that your course gets DONE - so you can start making money with it and delivering transformations for the people you serve.  That's what you want, right? 

Now obviously, I can't stand over your shoulder and make you do it.  My job is to make sure you make progress, that you're creating great content that facilitates learning, and that you're happy with what you create (#NoMoreOverwhelm). I will be there to encourage you, to hold you accountable, and to inspire you to complete the steps necessary to get the work done, so we can celebrate the rewards together!

Who is Tracey and why should I listen to her?

Another great question Smartie Pants! 

My name is Tracey Lewis Stoeckel, M.Ed.  Those letters behind my name say that I have earned my Master's degree in education. with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction.  But more than that, I have nearly ten years of experience creating online courses and classroom materials, for both higher education and corporate training. 


As a college instructor, I was tasked with the job of taking an in-class program and moving it almost completely online.  A task that is almost identical to what you are going to be doing as an entrepreneur; taking what you do in person, and structuring a digital course designed to deliver a transformation.  The program I created earned a commendation from the accrediting body and I have been passionately creating online learning ever since.


Beyond the education part though, I have a fire for entrepreneurship and have owned multiple businesses over the past 31 years. (Please don't do that math--I am basically a dinosaur.) I know business - I actually have half of an MBA, if that's a thing- and I love working with high acheiving, high integrity business owners to create digital education products that help to elevate their businesses and turn their learners into raving fans.


In my free time, I love playing volleyball, gardening, and loving on my three rescue dogs.  I also have two pretty incredible adult children and proudly have proudly raised them on my own for the past 12 years (shout out to single mommas). I love cheese, fruity drinks, sarcasm, and my hometown baseball team.

And that's who I am.  I can't wait to learn more about you!

The Benefits of Having an Online Course

You probably already know why you want to have an online course.  But in case you don't, here's why:

  • You will set yourself up as the go-to expert in your industry.
  • You will be able to reach an audience who might not be able to afford to work with you 1:1 but still needs what you have to offer.
  • You can increase your income by adding additional income streams.
  • You will build an audience who can engage with you within your program, get the outcome they crave, and become raving fans!

Some of Our Clients Say:

"Like any good teacher, Tracey immediately saw what I was doing right--and where I needed to improve. She also helped me rethink how to package, market, and price the course, which has been invaluable!"

Rose Lounsbury

"Tracey's course was perfect for me because it was no-fluff, to the point, and gave me exactly the basics I needed to know."

Erica Quigley

"What I loved about Tracey's course waw that it was clear and easy to follow.  She gave so much value in her content and really made me think about how I wanted to structure my course."

Elke Feuer

How does all of this awesomeness go down?

This program is designed to be intensive.  And by that, I mean we are looking for BIG RESULTS in a short period of time.  You need to get this thing done -- off your to-do list for good, right?  Well, I am the girl who can get you there.  But you have to be willing to commit to the process, and you have to be determined to show up for yourself.  

Phase 1
Taking Inventory

The first step to starting anything is to figure out where you're starting from. In course creation it is equally as important to know where your ideal client is starting, as well.  In this first chunk we will talk about getting clear on your ideal client and the problem you solve, validating that idea, why you are the right person to teach them, and how you are going to get them to the transformation they seek.  We will talk about your initial ideas on marketing your course/program.  We will also talk about your competition, your obstacles, platforms, tools, budgeting (both time and dollars) to get your course done, and your branding and assets for your program.

Phase 2

The next step in the framework is to evaluate and strategize.  What do you need to include in your program to get results.  How will you eliminate the fluff and deliver an outcome while keeping them engaged?  Can you deliver the outcome on your own or is there something you need outside help to do?  At this point we will start to plan how we will market your program, what platform to choose, etc. 

Phase 3
Action & Outline

This is where your course or program starts to take shape.  I will teach you how to outline your program in a way that is simple and insures that nothing falls through the cracks.  We will discuss engagement and what supplemental materials you can and should offer to reinforce what you are teaching.  We will talk about the social aspects of your program (if any) and how to make that work without spending your entire existence in a FB group.  

Phase 4
Content Creation

This chunk is where the rubber meets the road and we start putting everything we have talked about together.  This is the rewarding part where you start to see your dreams take shape.  During our time together we will talk about how to create good audio, video, graphics, transcripts, PDF worksheets, and much much more.  I will also be available to you to review your content and give feedback, answer questions, and provide direction.  Scared to record yourself? We'll work through that.  Not sure if you are a good enough writer/designer? We can overcome those fears.  This is course creation.

Phase 5
Heat It Up

This is the stage of the game where we revisit our initial marketing plan and turn up the heat.  This is preparing for launch or measuring the results of a beta launch.  This is the time too when we will be talking about whether or not your finished product delivers what you promise and what to do about that.  We'll talk about refund policies and guarantees here too.  
We will also discuss how to integrate your course into your business, create an offer around it, and how you can use your course to grow other areas of your business as well.    Finally, we will talk about tweaking and refining what you have created as needed and over time.

Program Structure

Each week there will be a living training that will be recorded and posted to the platform.  Then there will be another live component later in the week with varied timing.  All group coaching or hot seat calls will be broken down into small groups so that even the most introverted member gets the time they need and deserve.

Ongoing Support

Everyone who completes the bootcamp will be given 6 months of access to the Course Creator College where they will have continued access to me, my training library, and a collaborative community of course creators.

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